The Englishwoman Abby currently lives with her three cats and five dogs in Lombok, Indonesia. Her next destination is Ecuador, all of America is still on her bucket list. As a digital nomad this is no problem for her, because for her online business she only needs her laptop and a good internet connection.

What was the decisive moment that moved you to a life as a digital nomad?

I lived in Australia for two years. When I got back home, I knew that a normal office job was not for me and being employed was certainly not. On the way I fortunately met the founders of Bucketlist Bombshells. There you learn online how to start a service-oriented online business and how to work from anywhere. Already after a few courses I started my life as a digital nomad.

What does your everyday life look like since then?

I live together with my animals and my boyfriend. In the morning it is quite hectic, depending on the waves we surf, sometimes we jog along the coast and see epic sunrises, sometimes we are just lazy. But in any case we are all hungry for Nasi Campur, a typical Indonesian dish. 
I have no routine, but I love it! After shopping at the market, I meditate, write a few lines and write down thoughts about current jobs. Sometimes I watch videos of my favourite coaches or listen to podcasts. I don’t start working until the afternoon. I have an online business, my tasks change all the time, because I develop my skills and gain new experiences. For example, I build websites or landing pages. I also do social media marketing for my clients. In the evening I go for a big walk with my dogs along the sea and meet other walkers.

As a digital nomad, all you need to work is a laptop and a stable Internet connection. So you can work at the beach bar, in the hotel bed or in coworking spaces. Where can you usually be found?

I usually work with other digital nomads in cafés. It’s like a coworking space, there isn’t one in Lombok. I can’t concentrate well at home, so I don’t work in the home office.

Do your customers have problems with your lifestyle?

No, not at all. Why should they care as long as I do excellent work? Once I even met a customer in Bali, we visited the island together and talked about the work.

What are the problems?

Sometimes I have internet problems. Especially here in Indonesia there is sometimes a power cut all day long. On those days I have to make sure that I work in a café with a good generator. 
On other days I just want to lie down on the beach, go surfing or chill out with the others. I live in a tourist town where there is a lot going on and I want to participate in the activities. On these days it is especially hard for me to motivate myself. It’s a big challenge to have your own business.

Nevertheless, you love your job as a digital nomad. What makes him so special?

I live my dream day after day. For a long time I wanted to live on the beach, that has finally become reality. It’s even better that I made my dream come true by helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. I would not say that my life is special. It’s just the life of a girl pursuing her dreams.

There are many people who pursue the same dream as you. What tips do you have for them?

Just go for it! Do what you think is right, understand your life as a journey and accept mistakes. Don’t feel bad if you don’t make immediate progress, but learn from your mistakes and become even stronger!

Photo: mooshny