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We can shape the handling of digitisation in a healthy way!

Healthy living in the digital working world - Prof. Dr. Filip Mess draws attention to the health demands caused by digitalisation and has valuable tips on employee health at hand.


Old money against new thinking

On one side there are the long-established family businesses in suits and ties, on the other the young start-ups in T-shirts and sneakers. They embody two completely different worlds, but they are vital to each other. The intersection: old money against new thinking.


“Be original, find your communicative USP!”

Bad marketing is often one reason why 90 percent of all Startup´s fail. Prof. Dr. Jens Mueller, marketing lecturer at the UE Iserlohn, calls us not only the golden rules for successful Startup marketing, but also the deadliest trap.


New Work or also The Revolution of Work

Digitalisation and globalisation are transforming not only our way of life, but also our way of working. This does not only mean the use of digital devices. Temporal, spatial and organizational structures are also changing.


Coworking: Smells like Teamspirit

Coworking - the "shared workplace". Especially freelancers and Startup´s benefit from the flexible workstation solution and work together in large offices. They learn from each other, exchange ideas and save a lot of money.

coworking in the country

Coworking in small towns and rural areas offers great untapped potential

In large cities, the shared workplace model is already commonplace; in small towns and rural regions, flexible offices are still sparsely represented. But the Social Workplaces platform has found out that flexible offices offer great potential, especially in rural areas.

“Digitze or Die – How to attract young professionals to rural areas?

What are the advantages of digitisation? What impact does digitisation have on the labour market?


Working in a digital world: coworking vs. home office?

New Work is the keyword - our working world is characterized by digitalization and globalization and demands flexible structures. In addition, the countless possibilities of the digital world are making more and more Startup´s shoot up. The concept of fixed offices has long been outdated. Coworking spaces and the home office are enjoying great popularity.

coworking live-your-dream

“I live my dream day after day!”

The Englishwoman Abby currently lives with her three cats and five dogs in Lombok, Indonesia. Her next destination is Ecuador, all of America is still on her bucket list. As a digital nomad this is no problem for her, because for her online business she only needs her laptop and a good internet connection.


Coworking and Startups: Inseparable!

"It is becoming intellectually more and more challenging to found a company...", said Oliver Kern, a founding member of Papa Fuego GmbH, a food startup from Braunschweig. In fact, the number of founders in Germany has been falling for years. Since the statistical surveys of the KfW Start-up Monitor began in 2004, never before have so few companies been founded as in 2018.

Coworking, New Work, Startup & Entrepreneurship