New Work is the keyword – our working world is characterized by digitalization and globalization and demands flexible structures. In addition, the countless possibilities of the digital world are making more and more Startup´s shoot up. The concept of fixed offices has long been outdated. Coworking spaces and the home office are enjoying great popularity.

Digital transformation brings with it many changes, including at the workplace. First and foremost, location-independent working via the Internet or embroidery. So I can also work for my German employer based in Iserlohn, Hawaii. Or from my kitchen table. Coworking Spaces and Home Office make it possible. But the new workplace solutions are not only suitable for companies, they are primarily aimed at freelancers, digital nomads and Startup´s.

Coworking – office Sharing for kommunikative heads

The innovative office concept invites you to rent desks or even rooms for a certain period of time. Freelancers, digital nomads and small start-ups often rent desks flexibly and cost-effectively, companies mostly rooms for creative workshops with whiteboards and writable walls. The advantages are mainly the low cost factor, the flexibility and networking with other freelancers or founders. Young entrepreneurs in particular benefit from their mutual expertise. The community is in the foreground.

If you decide in favour of coworking, you always have to take the route into account: Is it worth it or is the next coworking space too far away? Especially in the rural regions of Germany, the concept is by no means as established as in large cities. Another disadvantage is the peace and quiet: If you haven’t booked your own room, you always have to reckon with the volume that is inevitable for many people in a heap. In this case you also don’t have any storage space. If a customer logs on, you cannot present your company on your own space.

Home office is cosy, but requires a lot of self-discipline.

Getting up, sitting at your desk in pajamas and chatting with your family in between – sounds awesome at first, but can also be very unproductive. In any case, the comfort and closeness to the family speaks for the home office. If you sit alone in your study, you can concentrate fully on projects. And you save time: you don’t have to travel to work in rush-hour traffic. Above all Startup´s have no costs.

On the other hand, the distraction factor is high. As nice as it is to have your loved ones around at all times, they can also keep you extremely away from work. And not only the family, but also small things, one reaches fast for the vacuum cleaner, removes this and that or lies down again five minutes in the bed. A lot of self-discipline is required here. The work-life balance can easily be lost. In addition, there is no professional exchange with colleagues. If a customer comes to visit, the environment is not exactly neutral.

Everyone has to find their ideal working environment.

The fact is, the ideal signpost doesn’t exist. Whether employee, Startup´s or Freelancer – everyone must decide for itself, where it can work best. Do I prefer the proximity to the family or nevertheless rather the technical exchange with colleagues or other founders? Do I have enough self-discipline or am I easily distracted?

Photo: Maria Fernanda Gonzalez