Southwestphalia’s first Fuckup Night: Courage to fail!

Falling down, standing up, straightening the crown, continuing – that was the clear message to the 100 or so guests at the first Fuckup Night in South Westphalia. Three entrepreneurs in Iserlohn told of their big business failures.

Instead of a roaring party, the first Fuckup Night of South Westphalia took place last Thursday in the student club B7 on the Campus Seilersee. DJ Florian Tresp provided the colourful mixed audience with atmospheric techno beats, the students of the UE served mulled wine and the presenters Torben Feil and Frank Höhne led with a lot of humour through the exciting evening.

In the center three entrepreneurs were located, who flew all vocationally already at least once fully on the muzzle. As different personalities as they were on the small stage in the dim bunker of the university, they all have one thing in common: They fell deeply, but they climbed the career ladder again afterwards. In fifteen lively minutes each, they performed their biggest business failures. One with a lot of wit, the other full of emotions and the last with a huge portion of self-confidence.

Funny and emotional businessails in fifteen minutes

The start is made by a young entrepreneur from Iserlohn. He once studied at the Seilersee campus himself, and a few guests still know him from their time together. He tells his story with all its ups and downs in a carefree and entertaining way, often you can hear a loud laugh in the audience.

The emotional performance of his successor is completely different, there is silence in the audience. The over 60-year-old middle-class man from Werdohl has lost everything and has nevertheless resurrected. With his words that as a Christian he forgives all people, he touches the guests and reaps respect and warm words from all sides.

The last speaker comes on stage self-confidently. He knows how to sell himself well. Today’s Amazon coach reports on the great rise and deep fall of his company. But the former entrepreneur has not only judged his crown, he has also become emperor: he now earns twice as much as before.

Networking and exciting conversations at a late hour

After the lectures, the guests strengthen themselves at the tasty buffet in order to start well strengthened into many informative and entertaining conversations. A little networking here, a selfie there and a cool drink there. The music is turned louder. Only late the successful Fuckup Night at the Campus Seilersee ends.