Coworking – the “shared workplace”. Especially freelancers and Startup´s benefit from the flexible workstation solution and work together in large offices. They learn from each other, exchange ideas and save a lot of money.

A few freelancers sit together in a colourful joint office, two founders discuss their current successes at the coffee machine and the project team of a renowned family company develops a new campaign in the meeting room. In the evening, everyone ends the constructive working day with a beer and a delicious piece of barbecue meat on the terrace. Welcome to the world of coworking!

Who can you meet at the Coworking Space?

The innovative office concept makes it possible to work far away from the dreary office building. Spaces are aimed primarily at freelancers, start-ups and digital nomads who cannot or do not want to afford their own space. In Coworking Spaces they can rent a desk or even entire rooms for a certain period of time without obligation. In addition to the cost factor, the expansion of their own network also speaks for office sharing. Inquisitive minds can profit from the know-how of others, learn from each other and, if necessary, even realize projects together.

Renowned companies such as American Express or Volkswagen are also increasingly discovering the performance-enhancing concept for themselves. Above all, they carry out project work in flexible workplaces in order to develop creative ideas and concepts.

From California to the wide world

Globalization and digitization enable us to work anywhere, anytime today. So we don’t have to go to a dark office anymore, we can just as easily work with our laptop in Mexico or the Maldives. Also, more and more start-ups are springing up, there are many new business ideas. So a new concept was needed: coworking. There have long been rooms where creative minds sat together in rooms to create great things. The first official full-time coworking space, however, which also used the name coworking, was founded in Silicon Valley in 2006, “The Hat Factory”. The trend quickly spread from America to the whole world. With the betahaus in Berlin, the German coworking scene officially started in 2009. The modern working concept is booming in Berlin, but there are also more and more spaces nationwide – in big cities, but also in smaller regions.

Photo: Venveo